My name is Arsh Shah Dilbagi aka Robo. Im Roboticist, Inventor, Programmer, Photographer, Designer, Blogger - Im Robo.

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Call me ROBO. I was born on 26th March, 1998 which was Thursday. I am about 1 meter and 90 centimeters tall. Im Passionate about Robotics. I currently live in India. Calling me a Geek-Nerd will not offend me. I consider myself an Artist. My mind is usually occupied with the Evolution of Digital World.

I love what I do and do what I love. Im good at Clicking Photos but not so good at getting one Clicked. I try to make Complex > Clear & Beautiful. I love Tinkering with any sort of Gadget or Gizmo. Im a Problem Solver. My favourite Web Color is #ff5e3a. I deploy my Code on Github. I work for Myself.

Curious? what to know more?

BLOG: this is what keeps me occupied

Behind the scenes of @googlescifair social accounts. This is what people don't get to see. ByWKBb7IIAEAIqi
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